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I am one of those people that if the someone gets into PI & sits in a chair, I will catch it if I later sit in the same chair. Its dreadful. I use many of the remedies listed but have found the itch is quickly lessened by using a blow dryer on the hottest setting & pointing it towards the ivy. Be warned--for the moment, the itching is so intense it feels like your skin is splitting, but then blissfully goes away for several hours. :) i will also rub fels naptha laundry soap or old-fashioned lye soap on the bubbles/patches & blow helps to dry the spots.

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Itchy + Scratchy

Lotsa people trying this blow dryer thing, a few did not like. I wonder if you are burning the nerve endings a little? Maybe not so good?


Fels Naptha has always worked for me, too. Wash exposed areas with it immediately, if possible. Wet a bar and rub it on blistered areas. let it dry.


Do your homework about PI rash and you will discover that you cannot get the rash from another persons rash. The only way to catch it is from the actual plant juice. Look it up.

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