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I have suffered from Urinary Tract Infections since I was about 17 years old. I am now 21.

The first thing you have to do is figure out what is causing your UTIs to be so frequent i.e. caffeine, alcohol, sugar, holding the urge to urinate, etc.

Mine are caused from holding my urges early in the morning when I'm too lazy to get up and go (BAD idea) and a mixture of caffeine. I am an Arizona Tea and coffee addict!

Since my first UTI I've cut down my caffeine intake and I drink atleast 6 bottles of water a day (also great for your skin!) and I try to go to the bathroom ASAP after I feel the urge to go.

I have also bought Cystex from Walmart. It is a liquid antibacterial and analgesic (fights urinary pain and burning). One tablespoon is equivalent to 8 glasses of cranberry juice. You take one tablespoon daily or two when feeling symptoms.

I've also found relief from Monostat's Vulvar Cream to take away the burning sensation. And taking a hot bath before applying.

Drink that water, ladies!
I know it sucks :(
Hope this helps!

PS: Try to avoid drinking alcohol and having sex while your body is still healing from the infection. This will only make it worse. If symptoms last longer than 24 hours, GO TO A DOCTOR.

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I cant figure out where to post except under someone.... please share i had for the first time in my life started getting utis about once a monthfor a yr i was home treating water craanberry juice etc... at a point it was so severe i finally seen my doc for some antibiotics, i had bad uti with blood (i could not see it) i was thrown into cat scan and surgey within a week for bladder cancer then chemo at age 37when rare very rare at my age but just wanted everyone to know i almost waited to long i almost lot my bladder, so i guess what i am saying is for those that always use home solutions (i still do i have one now) at some points periodically go have it checked, it saved my life litterally, of course i am stubborn, dont want to scare any one just a caution if theyy are reaccurring.. i never thought that was ever the case... when they do the urine test finding blood can be a sign of bad infectionn or worse, so i just wannted to throw that out there i am suure most are not as stuborn as me to begin with much love to all your bladders

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