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I have had toenail fungus for about 4 years. I have tried vicks vapour rub and bleach, neither of these had worked for me. I am happy to report that after only one week of daily foot soaks in vinegar for 30 minutes, my toenails have fallen off. There has not been enough time for me to see the new nail growth, but nothing else I have used has made the toenails fall off!! so I consider this exciting :) I will report back in a few weeks time to see what the new nail growth looks like . I am hopeful, because we all know what a nightmare having this is !!!

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Generic Lamisil is on the $4 list at Walmart


But with using lamisil you have to be careful...I nwver had any problems with my kidneys but after a month on that medicine I developed problems


LAMISIL is VERY hard on the kidneys - I went on Lamisil treatment but after 1 month the doc told me to stop using it and I had to go get my kidney sonogrammed at the hospital - luckily there was NO damage - the fungus had started to clear up, but it came back. I am going to try the vinegar route this time. I would suggest NOT USING LAMISIL. Thanks everyone for your input.


Fruits and vgigees do the trick! Who knew? lolVery striaght foward! Thank you!Dont have to run out and spend so much money on facials!!


I am curious, did you try the vinegar and lemon combo your Dr. told you about and did it work? How did you apply the solution? My husbands big toes are really bad and I was thinking about trying it out.Do you think it would work if I soaked a cotton ball in the solution and taped it to his toe overnight?

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