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I have had toenail fungus for about 4 years. I have tried vicks vapour rub and bleach, neither of these had worked for me. I am happy to report that after only one week of daily foot soaks in vinegar for 30 minutes, my toenails have fallen off. There has not been enough time for me to see the new nail growth, but nothing else I have used has made the toenails fall off!! so I consider this exciting :) I will report back in a few weeks time to see what the new nail growth looks like . I am hopeful, because we all know what a nightmare having this is !!!

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I wondered also if the entire nail came off...and if it grew back. I am looking for a cure for my toenail fungus....but don't want my nails to fall off! Lamisil is way too expensive!


umm... u used vicks? isnt that supposed to be used to help you breathe when u have a cold?


Just curious how the nail grew back in after the foot soak.

Quincy Flores

Vineger is an excellent cure for these types of infections because the acetic acid displaces the PH balance that the fungus thrives on thus killing it. But keep in mind that the acetic acid in vineger mild acid diluted with water, it is a corrosive and should used carefully.


I needed to mention the vinegar depletes calcium when used externally to an excess. That might explain the toenail loss.


Update Please...did they grow back????


So ... did they grow back fungus-free?


did they grow back


Did it hurt when they fell off? Did you have to forcefully remove them? And when they grew back, was the fungi still there?


I went to my Dr. and he said the only real way to cure fungus in a nail (at least mine which is bad) is to make the nail fall off. He said use a combo of vinegar and lemon. I am about to try it out. I have had this nasty toe for years now.

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