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my 11 year old daughter has suffered from mouth ulcers all her life, until i discovered B-actif comfrey extract. 1 drop on the affected area and the next day the ulcer has gone. It has changed our lives. Make sure to ask for the extract, NOT the tonic, which is a plant feed.

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Exuse me mam', I'm 15 and have had a few mouth ulcers over the years. We use to have alum powder that helped, but it's gone. Where exactly can I buy B-actif extract?


I've got the same question, where can I get b-actif comfrey extract from, I've tried my local health shops and they've not heard of it and I can't find it online either, please help???

In agony

Hi, I have also suffered from mouth ulcers all my life, and doctors and dentists are sending me to specialists because of them, nobody seems to know why I get them all the time. I am getting sick of being in agony all the time, could you please tell me where I could find this product please?

Thank you


I ordered the extract on Amazon because I could not find it anywhere in my local stores. Haven't used it though. Looking forward to see its effects.


Comfrey contains toxic substances that can cause severe liver damage and possibly even death. Comfrey and products that contain comfrey should never be taken orally.

Comfrey contains toxic substances that can be absorbed by the skin. Even topical preparations should be used for only a short time, and under the supervision of your health care provider.
Have been suffering the net for B-actif comfrey extract and have found the following infromation:

Comfrey has been band is US and some Europeon contries.

Comfrey should never be applied to open wounds or broken skin.

Do not use comfrey if you have liver disease, alcoholism, or cancer.

Children, the elderly, and pregnant or breastfeeding women should not use any comfrey products -- even topical ones.


The 'toxic substances' referred to by Macca are called pyrrxolizidine alkaloids (PA's), and it's true that they are toxic and that they are present in comfrey. But what is never mentioned is the fact that it contains far fewer PAs than beer, tea, coffee, spinach and a whole raft of other daily foods. I have been drinking and using comfrey for healing for years and my animals love it. Never had i witnessed anything other than positive results by ingesting this herb, which, don't forget has been praised in literature for at least 4000 years.


I agree. If you take the time to look into these so-called comfrey related deaths then you will discover that there are a grand total of 6 recorded since 1985. All without exception involve individuals with either severe long-term alcohol problems or with liver complaints for which they were taking prescribed drugs. The question is, was it the alcohol, the drugs or the comfrey that caused these deaths? Or, as was mentioned before, an overdose of tea or spinach.

Ezra .Kenya

Mum,how and where can i get it?am in Africa and these painful mouth ulcers have become a problem.


Just go onto and contact the team.

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