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I used to get Posion Ivy very bad when I was kid, the stuff that worked well for me was called ivydry, I think it was mostly alcohol, but would dry it up. I also got a shot one year when it was especially bad and seemed immune for several years after, I now get a little patch from time to time and use rubbing alcohol.
Also when I was kid my uncle told that if I peed on it (was on my hands) that it would go away, and the one time I tried it it worked, no immediate effect but within a day or two it got much better. If I get it bad again I might try it, (heck I would spin in a circle and chant if I thought it would help).

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I have tried the peeing on it also and it helped the imediate sting from poision ivy, nettles and jelly fish. I would consider it an emergency pain relief only though.


Dont use rubbing alcohol it caused mine to get infected


I've never used a urine cure myself, but I've heard of it! There's a book about it entitled, 'Your Own Perfect Medicine,' by Martha Christy. When you see 'urea' listed as an ingredient in skin care products, that's urine!

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