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for those dimppled areas,take caffinatted coffee, grind it into dust & mix with cheap hand lotion,rub this into your problem spots for 60 second a day,then shower it off & watch those troubled areas become smoother & firmer!

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Well, unlike articles say...I am a ballet dancer. Weighed 100 lbs for years and years, STILL had TONS of cellulite.

Now, I'm 110...STILL have tons and tons of it...yes, I exercise regularly. My mom and her mom also had it since they were 15. She didn't weight 100 lbs until college and had tons.

To me, this makes it seem like it's genetic! Sorry kids :(
(I know, I'm very sad too)


It is genetic. But if you are eating processed foods and butter, as well as cheap oils as opposed to cold-pressed olive oil, for instance, it will make matters much worse.

It isn't about the amount of fat you have. It's about the type of fats you ingest.

That, and genetics.


I thought the coffee grind idea was original by me, guess not! I shower with the brewed grinds from my morning coffee almost every day, and I really think it works! My skin is automatically firmer and smoother after exfoliating with them, but it is temporary.


okay heres a scrub that works,
heres the ingredients:
+1/4 cup of warm used caffinated coffee grounds.
+1 table spoon of olive oil.
+plastic wrap.

Mix coffee and olive oil together. Place newspaper on your bathroom floor, apply mixture to cellulite areas with your hands or a loofa. Wrap the area with plastic wrap tightly and keep covered for several minutes (try about 10+ mins.). Unwrap, brush off excess mixture and shower with warm water. and after put on your favorite type of firming lotion.


yes this does work ..i work at a spa and there is this treatment thats called green coffee contour body wrap which is especially used to detoxify and reduce cellulite ..
so for a home remedy take cafinated grounds mix with honey created a thick paste and while u shower exfolite into area and leave on as like it is a body mask then rinse....the downside is the bathroom will smell like coffee for awhile and tub will be brown ---other wise u can also wrap ur self in platic seran wrap with the coffee scrub in place either u can sleep in it or sit and watch a good movie try it:)


truth is boys and girls is that there is no cure for cellulite except for mesotherapy treatment. yeah. life sucks

Sarah B

20 years old, 117 lbs 5'3'. i drink 8 glasses of water a day.. if not a little more, i walk about 12-13 miles a day. i run on the olyptical 30 mins a day and i eat pretty effin healthy. i have tried the CVS nivea goodbye cellulite gel&patches & nothing.... i mean nothing will get rid of that effing cellulite on the back of my thighs.. so does the coffee work or not, it's my last hope cuz this is getting to be stupid.


OMG ladies I feel all your pain! My legs are covered in it. I havent worn shorts in 3 years. Im trainging for a Tri-Athalon and you would think that would get it off but no Ive lost 3 inches on my thighs but the cottage cheese is still there. I have been told by my doctor that diet and exercise is the only key. Plus if your estrogen is high that will make it want to hang on. I am on a very lean diet except I love my coffee so I think Im going to cut that out and see if that will make a difference. Ill try it and let everyone know how that works.


Hello! I'm a student in an esthiology program researching cellulite for a presentation. I can not believe some of the things I've read on this home remedy site. I know the economy is tight right now, but please don't waste your time (or your coffee) on your skin. If it doesn't sound like a good idea, then it's probably not.

Hope everyone finds a safe remedy and has a great week!


I'm 17 years old 5'6 and 120 pounds. I have suffered from cellulite for about 3 years. I play soccer and basketball so I'm quite active but all the exercising in the world doesn't seem to help with the cellulite on the back of my thighs. My Mom also has it but is as well relatively small. I saw someone previously mention fish oil. I'm wondering if the omega 3 pills containing fish oil work on the problem areas? If anyone knows please message me at
Thank you!

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