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for those dimppled areas,take caffinatted coffee, grind it into dust & mix with cheap hand lotion,rub this into your problem spots for 60 second a day,then shower it off & watch those troubled areas become smoother & firmer!

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I am 18 and I am so embarassed by the cellulite on my legs. I drink a lot of water, eat like a normal 18 year old, and excersise regularly. I don't know what else to do!


First of all I've been 'fat' all my life not super big but not skinny Ive had Cellulite in some form just about all my life. It's cool to want to look better and be more healthy but love how u look no matter what it is. I know that's cliche but if gettin rid of cellulite is for anything other than for your own personal happiness then funk it. someone will like ur cellulite and all, there's someone for everyone. It's a lil easy for me to say I guess because I'm black and being a lil on the big side is great but (assuming you are not black or Latino) I can see how there can be pressure but for the record spending 2000 on a procedure that's not even permanant that's crazy as you know what. It's people in the world dying because they don't have food to eat come up with something better to do with your money girl. Exercise that's the best way to remove this.


well I am like 5'5 and I only weigh 125. BUT I have cellulite on my stomace very bad. My stomace is thin thouhg. I play soccer at my college so of couse I am fit and drink a lot of water. Cellulite sucks! WHAT DO I DOOO!!


I'm tall and relatively thin - I'm 5'8 and weight 135 lbs. I have some cellulite on my rear and just a little around my navel area. This drives me nuts!! I've exercised, dieted, and exercised some more... I guess I should just learn to accept that this is 'just a woman thing.'


I too suffer from this. I'm 15, about 5'2 and 100 pounds. The best solution I've found, is exersizing. That's not my favorite thing however, so I look for the nice homemade remedies on this site =). As for cellulite remedies...I've found none that work, besides the losing weight one. You have to exersize, and eat healthier before it will go away. That's what I've found works the best anyways!

Theresa Files

im 14 and am soooooo embarassed by the cellulite in my legs...i have to wear pants n the summer and wear shorts over my bikini n the pool...i dont go to public pools because all of my friends r all cellulite free and run around n 'booty' shorts and i am envious...i dont walk much and i dont drink a lot of water but i'll give it a shot along with the coffe lotion and coment back if the coffee lotion works also if the walking and water works...


The caffeine in coffee actually assists in helping your cellulite go away. It's only a temporary fix though, the caffeine goes directly to the source to lessen the appearance of the dimples. I use a really awesome lotion made by a little company in Tyler, TX called 'Fabulous Bath'. The lotion is called 'Shimmer and Slimmer' and not only does it help diminish the appearance of cellulite, it also smells great (I like Starlette) and it has shimmer in it that makes your skin look incredible! I have also just started using the new Dove Firming lotion and I am not sure how it works yet, but am looking foward to getting some results. You can go to the fabulous bath website at and check it out. Another VERY temporary solution for those gals that have some kind of event to attend and want to do it cellulite free, you can rub preparation H on your trouble areas (I use it on my entire thigh when I use this remedy) then you wrap up the area with saran wrap from any grocery store. The heat from being wrapped up combined with the anti inflammation action in the Preparation H makes you sort of 'shrink up' if you will. I usually leave it on for about forty five minutes to an hour...while I am getting dressed. Sometimes I will run a warm blow dryer over my leg while it's still wrapped up to help speed up the tightening process. Let me know if this helps at all! *do NOT drink caffeine at all if possible~that makes cellulite a happy camper and i've also heard that carbonation is really bad for it as well!!! :)


First of all cellulite is found in every woman on earth, squeeze paris hilton's leg and i bet you would see dimples!! Unless you are some kind of super super fit person you will have celulite; the lower stomach and upper thighs are natural fat storages for women. Its got something to do with storing it up for pregnancy....i dunno something like that. Exercise will help, as will losing weight, i reccomend squats as your main exercise as it is one of few exercises that puts real pressure on the thighs. Also exfoliating and the coffee and whatever will work because of the hand movements of rubbing it on. Cicular hand actions on the affected area will stimulate blood flow and reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Im 17 and have 'suffered' from cellulite ever since i was 9!, i am really quite thin(i eat relatively healthily) and fit(i go to the gym three times a week). However the cellulite on my legs and backside has not subsided but in fact gotten worse! im not at all interested in reducing the APPERANCE, but actually removing it.


There are ways to minimize the cellulite but gettng rid of it is hard if impossible. I have seen a cosmetic surgeon for years (yes I am vain) and even he admits he cannot suck out the cellulite. You can lose fat and build muscle but if those of you that had A & P will remember the underlying tissue of the skin is a thin layer of fat called adipose tissue. It will always be there. The dimples are genetics! It is how the adipose tissue cells are clumped together. Some have it worse than others and you can usually trace it back to a near relative since it is in the genes. Sorry ladies.
I weighed 110 lbs at 5'5' and hit the gym 3 to 4 times a week for years and it never went away. However,massages, wraps and good nutrition has helped minimize the appearance.

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