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I read all the remedies for yeast infections and decided to go with garlic. All I have to say is WOW! The pain and itching went away so fast and I noticed a decrease in the cottage cheese goop (for lack of a better name) All I did is cut a square of cheese cloth, place a large piece of garlic on it (I lightly ran a knife down the sides of the garlic a few times before placing it on the cheese cloth) I tied a string, securly to the cloth right under the garlic and inserted it right in...well, you know where. I, personally, did not get a burning sensation. Just instant relief; no itching, no pain. AMAZING! I also had yogurt for breakfast and one at dinner (the low calorie has less sugar, I can't choke down plain)and last of all I drank 1/4c water with 1tbls of apple cider vinegar, once in the morning and once at night. Good luck!

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Rach how did it go!?


I have also recently used garlic. This stuff is amazing! All I can say is if you are suffering from yeast-try this-it really works! You can taste it a little in the back of your throat but whatever! CURED!


how long do you keep the garlic up there


im suffering for this yeast infection too..for a month now :( i used this garlic inserted it overnight and i notice once i get the garlic out of my vagina in the morning it comes with so much u think it is normal and working?thanks a lot

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