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I've struggled with being prone to yeast infections ever since I was put on birth control pills as a teenage (I went off them many years ago, but I think my body chemistry is permanently wacked).

As far as I can tell, the key to creating a hostile environment to yeast is pH. An alkaline environment makes the yeast happy, but an acidic environment kills it.

-Most soaps are naturally alkaline, so I try to avoid using them on my junk. I find that antibacterial face washes or tea tree oil soap work nicely. Above all, only wash the outside-- getting soap up inside is going to wreck havoc with your pH.

-Whenever I feel the first merest tingle of discomfort, or notice that my nether goo is thicker than usual, I drink vinegar. It makes me gag a little whenever I do it, but it really helps. I use rice vinegar, because it has a milder flavor, and basically just pour a healthy half inch of it into a glass, dilute with just enough water that I can still toss it back in one gulp, and then immediately chase it with a glass of Emergen-C so that I don't retch. (I figure the Emergen-C helps boost my immune system, too, which is good, and also doesn't react too negatively with the vinegar in my belly. Like, say, milk.) If I do this once a day, I pretty much never even get any symptoms, but if I slack off and get some minor irritation, I do it 2 or 3 times a day, and that usually takes care of things pretty quick.

-When I do actually have a full-blown yeast infection, I've found that lemon works better for me than garlic. I basically just cut a wedge of lemon, trim all the skin and pith off, and kinda swab it around inside my pussy and leave it there for a minute. Then I just take it out, maybe swab a little extra lemon juice on any particularly itchy labia, and go about my life as normal without washing it off for at least an hour. Do not leave the lemon wedge inside you for more than a minute, though, or you can inadvertently ceviche yourself (for those who don't watch the obsessively, ceviche is a Spanish method of 'cooking' raw fish by pickling it in lemon juice. Yum!) If you want a more gentle method, I'm sure you could douche with diluted (FRESH-- not bottled!) lemon juice or something, I guess. I totally won't think you're a wuss. ;D

-I totally believe in birth control, but man, oh, man, pretty much everything is evil. I finally went and got an IUD because everything else was making it more likely that I would get a yeast infection. The pill? *shudder* Spermicide? Evil. EVIL EVIL EVIL. If you're not desperate enough (like me) to go out and get a rod of copper shoved up through your cervix, and your birth control method involves spermicide of some sort (most condoms, for example, are slathered in the stuff), then all I can advise is that you make sure to wash your bits immediately after sex and then maybe smear a bit of lemon juice or straight vinegar along your inner labia to help keep things more towards the acidic end of the spectrum.

-While we're on the subject of sex, let's discuss communication. I've had more than my fair share of partners, and a ridiculous percent of them (mostly the male ones, but, shockingly, some of the females, too!), seem completely unaware that the very same bacteria that live happily and symbiotically in our intestines can have tragic results when they are introduced into the vagina. I wish I had a dollar for every time I've had to interrupt a perfectly lovely makeout session to try to figure out how to politely explain to someone that anything they have used to directly interact with my asshole in any way is no longer fit for my pussy's company. So many guys think they're being daring and kinky by slyly rubbing a finger against my ass, and then they think somehow it's ok to go and use that same finger to try and rub my clit? And then it's my job to have to stop them and explain why? It's awkward! It's uncomfortable! It sucks! But damnit, a yeast infection is way more awkward and uncomfortable than just working up the nerve to be explicit about what is and isn't ok for someone to do with your body. So join me, ladies! Let's educate the world! Safe sex isn't just about what diseases your partner may have, it's also about the ways they touch you, and even about the very bacteria your own body is already harboring.

Phew. This is exhausting. I can't think of anything else. Drink lots of water, I guess. That's always a good idea. Good luck!

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It should be exhausting.. nobody wants to hear about your sex romps. and you should keep the details of the union to your self. I am not against same sex (love men) but some people frown at the way you try to describe it. Just nasty.


I must say I laughed! Alot!


Okay, lemon works, you can actually see where the yeast is dying is disgusting, but it will pain you like nothing I have ever experienced. And I have kids and tattoos. So, reader, beware. This works but it hurts.


I had a copper IUD and i think it caused my off-balance (yeast infection) which i have had for over a year. Warning, Doctors will say that this is not possible, but i've done some research and i think it is.


I absolutely loved this post...and you are Sooo right about the education needed.


This is funny and ooooooh so true!!!! I am with you on the educating!


Will lime work the same as the lemon?


Never mind some of these nuns; I think you're hilarious. I think if I met you in real life I'd want to be your friend. But then again I'm pretty course, myself.


I chuckled while reading this, you are funny my god but importantly I agree with your comment on 'educating ppl'. I don't agree with anything entering the butt but everyones entitled to their opinion. Don't understand why men think its sexy to touch your anus then your vj but if known the urine infections you are among (just like you wouldn't wipe tissue on your anus then work your way to the front of your vj) maybe wouldn't be done so knowing the risks are important and yeah it's great educating ppl and avoiding the consequences no matter how gritty it gets or shy I can be. Keep up the real talk. X


My 7yr old step daughter has been suffering from bad yeast infection I need something very good for her to use we have tried baths activea nystatin cream cotton undies looose clothes everything u can possibllt think of we have done we need help she is in pay she has an odor and discharge and for a 7yr old to have to go thru all this she is embaresed at school cuz she says she can smell a nasty smell and is affraid people will to how can we help her do u have any ideas..

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