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I get migraines consistently and what helps is putting a lemon slice for about five mins! Sounds totally crazy right? it helps. also ive tooken 2 ib profens and drink a cold can of coca cola! it works too!

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Most likely what you're experiencing is not a migraine but a severe caffiene headache. Don't get me wrong, I'm not attempting to trivialize your pain at all. But if a cold can of soda helps your pain, then most likely you, like most of us, have a caffiene addiction. You should thank what ever God you worship (if any. I'm not pushing religion) that you don't have true migraines


Actually, caffeine does help true migraines. It's the main ingredient in Exedrin Migraine. It could be caffeine headaches, but just because that helps doesn't mean it isn't migraines.


The 2nd poster is right. I have true migraines, and I haven't touched caffeine in years, because I have an arrythmia, yet my migraine got so bad one day, and the Advil was no longer working, so I added caffeine, and it worked wonders! Caffeine reduces inflammation. Caffeine on a regular basis though, causes the body to be highly acidic, causing migraines, and as you said - also causes addiction which can result in 'withdrawal' migraine. Still, if used only medicinally, it works great for migraines normally.


where do u put the slice of lemon?????

DUTTA-BLR-31yr - 2yr migraine

Where do u put a slice of lemon... Caffine never helps me... If it is headache due to caffine withdrawal, which feels similar as migraine....actually goes bad after caffine... Pranayama always helps because it restores O2 supply to brain which is a root cause in migraine... Only you need to do it regularly and do it when nausea happens...

My triggers are change in my daily life.... Caffine withdrawal or motion anomalies...All the best

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