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This remedy is for very young children and for adults for very think hair. From newborn to about two years of age (since you can't use over the counter products after the age of two). My six month old son obtained lice from me. I contracted it from my neices and nephews and although I would believe it very hard for an infant to get lice considering their hair is so fine they can. I put Johnson and Johnsons gel baby oil in his hair. His hair type was baby fine but he did have a couple inches of it and it's a very light blonde so it was easy to pick out the nits and bugs. I didn't leave it in for an extended period of time but the gel made it much easier to pick out the bugs and to use the fine tooth metal comb for the nits. It only required one use and he was lice free. Since I was still breast feeding I was too scared to put any chemicals in my hair (although it may have been safe but I didn't want to risk it). I on the other hand had a much more difficult task because I have very think and very long hair. Every night for three days straight I went to sleep with the gel in my hair and wrapped it with a grocery sack. In the morning I would wash my hair several times with shampoo because it takes a while to get all the gel out and then followed up with a conditioner and sectioned my hair off and combed it out with a fine tooth metal comb. I made sure to follow the instructions. About six days later I did the same treatment to my hair although I didnt find any nits or lice bugs (thankfully). I strongly suggest a metal comb because the plastic ones always break.

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I had lice when i was in school. the school nurse told my mom to take olive oil and a shower cap and put the oil in over night and have the shower cap on over night. just wash and keep doing it for 3 nights and it will be gone. alot of people dont think but you have to treat EVERYTHING! I am working on treating my house now. My boyfriends nephew was sent home today because he has the eggs. he was at my house this weekend. no one knows when he got them. it is just great!

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