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Ok,I'm not the type of person that blogs so bare with me, First of all ill like to thank to everyone that's put towards this page you wouldn't belive the help I recived from this! So its only fair I tell my experice and how I got rid of my G.w!

THIS IS MOSTLY FOR MEN)sorry its long!

Okay, so I'm male, I'm 18 and I got genital warts like 5mouths ago, I have had sex with my fair share of girls and NONE of them showed any signs of haveing g.w, I'm young a haven't told no one wat I have been frew and its been so hard somtimes, but anyways let's not get emotional this what I did to get rid of my warts in a 1 week! I had g.w on my foreskin and a big one on my sharft of my penis,

So I went a brought some ACV, now I know some people are saying it don't work for them but it worked a treat for me so mite aswell try it. I got some acv from my supermarket for cheap it cost nothing,some garlic tablets from a pharmise dere on the shelves and again very cheap, and some alo vrea gel, I had this already, some bandaids and some duct tape,.

Monday- before bed I soaked a bandaid in some Acv and wraped it round the sharft of my penis then use the duct tape and secure it in place,now at firt I didn't feel nithing I firt it won't working, but wait 5 mins and it starts to kick in! Now I aint gonna lie it is painful and irrtating and smells, but jus got to man the fu*ck up and handle it! Put a plastic bag over it to stop the smell and leaking! I left it over night but if cnt hack it a frew hours while you watch to movies will do!

Tuesday- when I woke up my penis was huge lol however this was due to massive swelling, I was worried and even fort about goin doctors but I just waited it out, all the warts turned white, aovid washing it wid water cause u was the acv out and you want it to get to the roots, so if you have a shower keep a bag over your penis but you can take the bandaid off, and leave it for the day! At night get ready for round two, but this time it will be more painfull sorry,


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Sorry what come across as blatant stupidity but when you, as many others are doing, use the acronym ACV, are you referring to Apple Cider Vinegar or an antibacterial medicine called aciclovir?

Desperate here.


Im a 18 yr old women and i found out i have hpv was kinda discusted in myself, i tried aldara cream at first it worked for 2 months but then stoped so i tried acv and the first night i couldnt even leave it on for 2 seconds with out jumping around the room screaming, i tried it again the second night and it wasnt so bad, and just curious are you ever worried about not finding someone because of this, i freak out sometimes cause its not like you can hide it when they return?

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