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i have had real bad eczema for 2 months. blisters on my hands and real itchy and irritated skin. i finally went to the doctor and he prescribed triamcinolone acetonide 0.1% i also started to use aveeno itchy skin body wash and for my hands aveeno eczema thearapy. it seems to be working..

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I found a new website called I think it looks pretty good but it looks new considering there are no forums posted in the forum section.
I do see info on natural remedies among other things.
Anyway it is worth taking a look.


I am 36yrs of age. I suffered from exzema all my life and doubt that their is any cure for this sickness. i tried just about everything and nothing work. sometimes i get so depress.The itching and patches, i wish i was normal.

Scott See Here's a testimonial about this ointment: 'For the last 10 yrs, my husband has had eczema, a terrible skin condition. His hands are raw and bloody. Doctors have tried everything. Even $100 steriod creams. He is a Peace officer Sgt. Working around criminals with Aids and hepatitis. He wears gloves All day, that makes his hands worse. About a month ago, a fellow Peace Officer, a former Barber, gave my husband a jar of Lucky Tiger. A MIRACLE!!!! It not only worked perfect, my husband saves about 300 a month. That was how much the 4 meds cost he was on. Also, the depression and peace or mind at work, Priceless. All for $8 a mo. Wow!! God bless you for selling this miracle ointment!!'
-- Jilly Bell, wife of Sgt. Damon Bell in CA.


I was prescribed the same thing. It worked wonders at first, but now, doesn't do a damn thing. A tolerance was built, maybe? uhggg!

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