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Finally something worked for me. I've had restless leg syndrome for several years. Tried many things, nothing seemed to work. A couple of weeks ago I told about my problem to my masseur and he said this is because my bladder meridian is blocked. He showed me the points on my calf and told me to massage them. He told me to press them hard untill I feel the pain, to massage it clock wise eight times and than backwards eight times, than release, and repeat. I did it for 15 minutes. And this unbearable feeling just vanished. I still sometimes feel like it's coming, but I quickly do the maasage and it goes away. The bladder meridian goes through the middle of your calf. Google bladder meridian and you will find pictures where the points are. Good luck.

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I just tried your massaging the bladder meridian method and my legs feel great. I'm heading to the bed in a few minutes, so I'll let you know if it worked and I could get to sleep. On and off for the last 10 years I lose sleep every so often (not every night) due to leg pain. thanks for your suggestion...I hope it works!

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