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Listen, I'm not recommending this remedy to anyone else, I just want to let everyone know how much this has worked for me. Last year was another year of every bug in the south, seemingly, finding me to chew on, ticks, mosquitoes and my very favorite little tortuous varmint, the southern chigger. I get them everywhere and so did my mother, and in any southern state I'm a magnet or something. Needless to say we stay out of blackberry bushes. I am very fair, blood vessels all over me just under the skin, I think they can smell blood! Anyway, this year I added another experimental chemical to the list. Floor cleaning, mopping Ammonia, full strength on a cotton ball! I rubbed it on patches of bites and held the ammonia-soaked-cotton ball on the bite itself for several minutes, and would reapply a few times over the next hour. Glory be, they disappear!!! Hump and all, gone, sometimes the little ones go away in 2 hours with a few dabs, big ones take overnight after applications! Best to do this as soon as coming into house or when the itching or bump appears. Especially seems to work on 'skeeter bites' and no see-ums. This is a critter my ex says you get in the mountains when camping. Not sure, I've never seen them. Anyway, the itching subsides after about 1 hour. My next relief suggestion is..., say you didn't use the full strength ammonia soon enough, is sunburn anesthetizer! or the toothache stuff like oragel. I happen to have had a sunburn spray with Lidocaine in it. I'm 57, raised in the south, and suffered so many years! This works! The Ammonia pen from the store never did. I think it just wasn't strong enough. Hope the ammonia doesn't take a toll on my liver and kidneys, but man, I've got to have relief! Actually, I'm thinking about moving to cooler climates. The little ticks so tiny, and the big ticks that bring their own knife, fork and spoon are driving me crazy. Did I mention I have to spray my shoes and legs with killer before I go outside!

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Luddyjean, Your story sounds alot like mine. Moving to a cooler climate will not solve the problem. I live in MN and every time I walked in my yard this summer I got bites. No one else experiencing this just me. I've used deep woods off and still attacked, bought gardening boots, still attacked, wearing gardening gloves, still attacked.Something about me or the weather we've had this summer has made me their main course meal. Hubby hasn't been bitten. Just ME. My mother in-law pick up After Bite the ammonia pen.Helped a little while then back to itching.My legs and arms look hideous from all the bites and scratching. I haven't worn shorts in public this summer.Tried using nail polish that didn't work. I'm going to try the full strength ammonia and the rubbing alcohol suggestions hope one of them works.


You might be missing the boat by not useing Ichthammol ointment.

Rhonda S

I know what those no seeums are. I hate those things! I have however seen them but they are tiny little bugs that fly and a bite from them hurts worse than a 'skeeter' bite. I have no idea what they are actually called though.


Skeeter bites in the south is really mesquito bites.
a girl from texas

East TX - Don

Ammonia works great for me to clear up the itchy chigger bites. Better yet, it works for fire ants to stop the pain, and keeps the bites from forming those nasty blisters that leave unsightly scars. I use a jug of generic cleaning ammonia at full-strength and dab it on each bite with a cotton ball or cotton-tipped swab. It does not irritate my skin at full strength, but for folks with sensitive skin I'd suggest diluting the ammonia 50/50 with water. Usually one or two applications does the trick for me. The first application stops the worst of the itching (taking it from the maddening level to merely irritating), and the second application gets rid of the itching entirely. Let the first application dry before the 2nd (allow about 10 minutes).

Some people suggest 1/4 to 1/2 cup of chlorine bleach poured into warm bath water and soaking in that for a half-hour or so, which makes sense too as it will kill the chiggers and probably neutralize the stuff the chiggers inject you with that lets them suck out your juices. A word of warning on this though - NEVER mix ammonia and chlorine bleach. It will produce a deadly gas, which in sufficient quantity will kill not only the chiggers, but probably you as well.

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