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Hi everyone,

I have suffered from yeast infections for almost all my life, (am 31 now). I found that I would get only 2 days relief from messy cream medications and oral Diflucan. I finally saw a great OB/GYN who immediately started me on Boric acid suppositories. So, I take (vaginally) two capsules a week, dose is 500 mg. Since starting I feel incredible and do not have any more problems. You can buy Boric acid OTC and make your own pills or go to a compounding pharmacy and they will make the pills for you.

Also, whoever posted to put honey on the external vulva: that is a really really bad idea since yeast thrives on sugar. Please do not follow that advice.

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Honey is not sugar, and actually has anti bacterial properties. It will kill the bacteria in your mouth, whereas sugar will increase it. As long as the honey is room temp, never heated, it can help soothe the infection.


i occassionaly get a yeast infection either in my mouth or me 'lady area' whenever I take high doses of antibiotics. Maylox neutralizes the burning and redness it helps me anyway. Just put some on tp and blot the area. Relief.

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