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Hey guys.!
Thank you for all the helpful suggestions. Im 16, a senior in highschool and ive had exzema my whole life. I get made fun of for it all the time. People say im on meth and coke cuz i have so many scars from itching and my face is always dry. I litterally hate feeling like theres nothing i can do to stop it. I plan on starting the following today: vitamin pills (a,b,c,d&e), yogurt, olive oil and rosemary on my skin, and ceraVe moisturizing lotion amd face wash. Wish me luck and good luck to all the have it.! I hate this...
Also, does anyone know of a good chapstick other then carmex that can help.?

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Blistex DCT is the best. Also Burts bees wax. Carmex is really bad for your lips because of the campher in it. Campher takes the top layer of skin off your lips and exposes them even more to the Sun's UV rays causing them to chap even more.


The only thing that has worked for me is eos lip balm. It's amazing. I got it on the checkout line at Walmart. And it looks like a little ball. I keep mine in the bathroom by the mirror and put it on every time I go in there, and my lips and the surrounding skin hasn't gotten any eczema patches since I've started using it.


Dr.dans cortibalm!!


Burt's Bees has been my staple lip balm for the past 8 years. I order it online through vitacost - they sell in singles and a 3-pack.


when i was on accutane i hated carmex! i highly recomend for dry lips aquaphor lip repair, jack black lip balm and Vaseline lip therapy.


Aquaphor. Great for and eczema.


aquafor, lip vitamins by AE lab.


I have found these products really work to help maintain eczema from over takeing your life and skin. My daughter 8yrs old now has been dealing with it since 1yr old. So I've tryed lots of products expensive and ordinary prices ones. These have really helps her alot. Try St.Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Wash, St.Ives Intensive Healing Body Lotion.


Nivea: Essential Care is amazing. I never go any where without it. I use it about 40 times a day and when I'm out and about and skin flares up, I use it to calm it down.


I truly believe eczema has something to do with the bowels. I started doing Neem Enemas and coffee Enemas. They help and different natural supplements that stimulate the colon and bowels. I know it sounds gross! The Enemas and everything but if you aren't having at least 3 good bowel movements a day then you are constipated. As soon as I become constipated, I get a huge flair up and it takes weeks to get my skin back to normal, sometimes months. Natural teas for inflammation are good too.

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