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I had angular cheilitis for 3 weeks straight. Both of my mouth corners had cuts that would crust and reopen everyday when I open my mouth. Applied Canesten/Vagasil clotrimazole cream for a week but didn't help much so I started taking a daily multivitamin for another week but it didn't heal.

I then switched my multivitamin to a vitamin B complex, and immediately the next day the cuts didn't open up when I open my mouth to eat and it healed itself after 4 days of taking the new supplement.

I examined the labels and my multivitamin/[B-complex] had 6.7mg/[50mg] B1, 8.3mg/[50mg] B2, 33.3mg/[50mg] Niacin, 10mg/[50mg] B6, 67mg/[50mg] Pantothenic Acid, 133mcg/[400mcg] Folic Acid, 100mcg/[50mcg] biotin, and 2mcg/[50mcg] B12.
So it's highly possible the multivitamin didn't have enough B-vitamins. I recommend taking a B-complex pill instead.

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This was sooooo helpful thank you!!!!

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