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Hello! I reviewed this website because this is the first time that I have had this condition, and I have put together several cures based upon the remedies listed here. What I have found that works the best is this: Dab some apple cider vinegar on the corners (it will sting) and then immediately coat your lips and the corners entirely with Vaseline (petroleum jelly) or Carmex (recommended by my pharmacist for this condition). It is absolutely essential that you coat your lips with one of these two balms because it has to seal in the apple cider vinegar and prevent saliva or additional bacteria from infecting. I think people keep having no results because they don't seal in the treatment. The reason apple cider vinegar is ideal is because it is BOTH an anti-bacterial AND an anti-fungal treatment. So, if you aren't sure which infection you have, this will nail it. If you use an anti-fungal cream alone, I believe that this may work alone because the cream is thick and is designed to seal in the treatment and seal out the environment. But if you use natural treatments like ACV, baking soda, alcohol or tea tree oil, you must seal it in with one of the 2 balms listed above. Good luck!

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