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Jungle Dave

I used warm salt water to relieve tooth pain, table salt in warm water!
It worked long enough for the advil
to take effect

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Ive found salt water does ease it a little.


Didn't work for me. The warm water irritated it worse!


Made it much much worse


I tried it, and it seemed to have set my mouth on fire. I had to call a friends grandmother in order to get some ibuprophen. Salt water made the pain multiply...


i did work a little on me


Oh my god... This is such a bad ideal! It made the pain a million times worse.


The filling that caped off a partal root canal put me in Big Time Pain, I brougt some O.T - oral gels products and they were no use to me and the pain seem to kick in even more. While at work I did the hot water and salt full cup, 3 min,repete again; it worked great.pain went down 80 %
Thank you


the salt in warm water followed by a little mouth wash is magic,the pain went instantly as i am a person who cant take the slightest pain this is well reccomended


i had to have my back tooth drilled and a temp cap put on. the nerve started to get painfull and the cap fell off. i was perscribed an antibiotic and vicodin.awaitin a root canal. the first day the pain came and whent in waves so i increased the pain pill and then by day two the pain got so bad i was in tears. im a light weight when it comes to pain meds so i tried 4 ibeuprofen on top of the 2 and a half vicodin that didnt even touch the pain. my nerve was throbing so bad i wanted to pull out my tooth. i tried the hot salt water rinse an hour after i took the pain meds and it worked great. it was instantly that the pain whent away. the pain meds just made me feal sick and sleepy but the hot salt water worked right away. i used hot tap water and about two table spoons of salt. mixed it and just kept swishing and spitting. it really worked!


I just had an old filling replaced with a new white filling, and it's been over a week and the right side of my jaw is still in severe pain. Advil doesn't work, and neither does Oragel. I'm at work, and the only thing I really have access to is salt. I used this remedy with as hot of water as I could stand, and it has given me such relief! I doubt it will last long, but you can bet it will last me until I get home! Thank you! Note: the pain does intensify some directly after gargling because of the heat, but give it about 2 minutes to cool off, and you will FINALLY have relief!

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