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ByeBye Scars

Use Nizoral Shampoo and Mederma. I found this on another forum and I swore if it worked I would try to share it in as many places as possible. I had three ringworm scars, one on my shoulder and two on my tummy (all a half dollar size or bigger). After I used my prescription cream (I didn't try the bleach)for two months, my doc told me it will take up to a year for the scars to go away. I wanted to cry. But in less than two weeks the scars are gone/light shade. This is how I did it: At night put Nizoral Shampoo on the spots and go to sleep (let it dry), in the morning take a shower and scrub the area using an exfoloating glove/rag ( I did it hard). Pat dry and use the cream the doc gave you for the rest of the day. Repeat this process for seven days. On the seventh night instead of the Nizoral shampoo use Mederma ( both are available over the counter) in the morning take a shower and you will see the dead skin and scar wash down the drain. Just to be sure dry off and rub the rest of it using a towel. Please note at times it might burn or be irratated an you might question yourself, but I promise you will see it dry up and look 100 times better. The following week I kept using the cream from the doc during the day and Mederma at night. Just make sure your fungus is healed before doing this. Good luck! And please share with others!

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