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Ok so here's what has helped my migraines...things I've tried in desperation when I have a three day long migraine when I've already taken excedrine or relpax and they decide to no longer work. Watch what you eat-avoid trigger foods at all cost! Take a shower and alternate hot and cold-as hot as you can stand and as cold as you can stand, which heck when you have a migraine you'll do anything right! The hot to cold change opens and closes and flushes your blood vessels or something. Also just trying to fall asleep with ice on the most painful area-wake up with no migraine! Apple cider vinegar 2tbsp in water with some honey-seems to work sometimes, basically if caught right at the beginning. Taking 400mg B2 and magnesium daily, when I was doing this I had much fewer migraines-have to start again. Breathing exercises-no kidding if you search it there are a bunch to try out and see which works best for you. It is very beneficial to breathe correctly, something we don't realize we are doing or not. Also just having someone, or yourself, press hard on the back of your head/neck which I think has to do with nerves and blood vessels going through your head. All of these have worked for me at one time or another, just depends on how fast I catch the headache or which is most available. Im ready to try acupuncture because there is a clinic that goes on a sliding scale near me and it's sposed to help according to a guy I know who gets migraines. I'm also looking into other supplements or herbs that can help, feverfew doesn't work for me because it effects my hormones and I end up with a period every two weeks which means a migraine every other week that lasts the whole week. Do the math. :(

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accidentally hit 'vote' before switching my vote to a 10. Amazing advice! The hot/cold shower is something I've never tried, but makes perfect sense. Migraines are all about the blood and vessels in your head, and with any other body issues I've had, they say to alternate between hot and cold to restrict, and then allow blood flow. Genius! Will try next time. I also noted you discussed hormonal issues and it sounds like you have noticed a direct correlation between your menstrual cycle and migraines. I too get them much more frequently between the day before, and 2-3 days into my period. I try to take ibuprofen before going to bed every night during these times.
Las, but certainly not least, the breathing. It is so helpful to me to be as conscious of my breathing during a migraine as I can be. For one thing, it's something else to focus on. A nice distraction. Meditative even. As I breathe, I imagine the 'bad' air leaving, and the 'good' air filling my lungs and traveling to my head. Secondly, getting proper oxygen to your body is a great thing anyway, but especially during these times. Great great advice!


Thank you so much! I have really bad migraines to where I even throw up so this helps a lot! :)
I took an excedrin earlier but it did nothing... Im going to start doing this!

DUTTA-BLR-31yr-3yr old migraine

Please try 'Sudarshan Lriya by Sri Sri'? has helped me reduce freq and control migraines whenever it attacks with it's remaining arsenal :)....I was scarf to go to movies and outside home on weekends coz I knew I will get migraines but now I am going to movies and working in field over weekends.


Sorry for typo it is Sudarahan Kriya... Which fixes oxygen flow in your body and as we all know root cause for migraines is reduce supply of oxygen to brain where some trigger causes it ( in your case it is hormones which come at menstrual time) ... In my case it is heat 5 days I am in office ac but two days of wekwnd are hot outside .. Happy health and living :)


thanks for the advice. My husband tried the hot and cold shower and it diminished his migraine and was able to fall asleep.

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