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There is no magic pills or extreme dieting tips here just good old fashion REAL Food. I gave up processed foods. I eat fresh fruit and vegetables and lean meats.The more you cook yourself the more comtrol you have on what is put on your food. Examples for braekfast i have 1cup of plain oatmeal with splash of milk and scliced berries or honey,1cup of coffee with milk and 1tsp of sugar and 1strip of turkey bacon or sasage. snak will be 1 piece of fruit or raw veggies, lunch is broth base soup and whole wheat sandwich lean chicken breast and all veggies you like, snak befor dinner might be raw veggies with hummus, dinner consist of baked sweet potatoe steamed veggies and grilled lean meat of choice. drinks lots of lemon water all day

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everything looked great except for the turkey bacon, that is way processed. Your better off just having normal bacon it is better for you than turkey bacon.

Whole Organic foods are the best. couple of tips. Dont eat farm raised fish, use organic butter, and last use organic peanut butter. Foods with the most fat harbor the most toxins(aka pesticides, hormones ect.) per Peoples Pharmacy.

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