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PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS SCARE YOU!!! IT HURTS, BUT IT WORKS! JUST TAKE MY ADVICE TO MINIMIZE THE PAIN !!!I am a fairly good looking, single woman in my 30's. I was diagnosed with HPV about 2 years ago w an abnormal pap. Not only have I had to have surgery to prevent the virus from turning into cancer (still waiting to hear back from doc if I have to again), I just recently developed warts! I was (am?) completely ashamed and disgusted. When the dr gave me a scrip for a med that cost $345 I was hopeless. I decided to google it and found this site.
So, I tried the acv. I had flat bumps around the outside opening of my vag, and there were really REALLY big fleshy ones right surrounding the inside of my opening (fyi didn't look anything like I thought they would). First of all, DON'T TRY IT W/OUT HAVING TEA TREE OIL, VIT E, HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, IBUPROFIN (or tylenol or whatever) & SOME VODKA!!! (or painkiller of YOUR choice.
So, I first put the acv on cotton-didn't really hurt. Left it for 20 minute intervals for 3 times. The 3rd-oh dear God-I thought I was going to die. Couldn't take it.(that's when I decided I needed the vodka for the next time).
I gave it a rest for a few hours. I downed a few shots, got a show cued up that I wanted to see to distract me-and put the acv soaked cotton inside on the affected area. It kills. I stayed thru it-breathed thru the pain like they teach u when giving birth. After about a half hour of EXCRUTIATING pain, it kind of dulled. I left in in for about an hour and a half.
Now, I did not have the tto/vit e. Big mistake. The next day was awful. Took ibuprofin, kinda helped, wore off and still hurt. Totally worth it all tho. During the 2nd day, I would use the bathroom, and it was like the tiny warts on the outside were falling off, and the ones inside were melting. Like in gooey disgusting pieces, but melting. I cleaned myself w hyd peroxide, cuz really tring to prevent spreading-and put the tto/vit e on. TTO gives MUCH relief-like I said, don't attempt w out. So even today (day 3) they were still dissolving. I was checking them out while cleaning/putting tto on them, and OMG!!!! WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT!!! Can see red where the nasty one's in the opening were dissolving! sore but WOW. And the bunch of little bumps? Only a few remain. Now, I know I'm not done yet, need to do another round of acv-but this truly is working, and I am so grateful I'm not alone. I thought my sex life was over. Good luck, person reading this.

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Wanna join me for a drink? LOL!


oh my.. i thought i was the only person who has warts melting.. i have burned myself but i know it will heal soon.. just a mistake.. i was not using peroxide.. anyway.. thnks for your post.. really made me feel better

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