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Tea Tree Oil plus DMSO

you can order both online or get them at a health store. mix equal parts in a small container. several times a day, or whenever you think about it, shake the container to mix, and use a Qtip to apply to the top and the skin around the affected nail. I usually remembered before i went to bed and when i washed my hands after using the restroom.

this remedy helped me clear up severe finger nail fungus that i acquired by being a bartender and having my hands in water for 25 hours a week. with regular use, it took about four months. if my nail looks like it is starting to separate again, i will just apply this solution for a week, and it usually goes back to normal.

*before i tried this, i had tried lamisil pills, peroxide, garlic, vick's vapor rub, and various over the counter remedies.

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there you go. DMSO and almost any type of fungicide.

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