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-really wanting them gone.

So, I've had GW for about 7 months:( & It is horrible especially when you have to give reasons not to have sex with the person you're with and then they leave you after a couple month. But now I have a boyfriend who is perfect & rather cuddle than have sex:) so it's easier & I don't have to worry about him finding out cause we don't do anything. I've tried ACV, Castor Oil, Tea Tree Oil, ACV w/ Salt(the salt ends up coming off 20 min later. I'm trying Equate Maximum Strength Liquid Wart Remover which has Salicylic Acid(same as Compound W just cheaper) & it burns like hell but if it works it's worth the burning(worse than ACV) I just started this maybe 30 min ago but I will keep all updated so if it works with me it may work for you.

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