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This is only a recommendation so it is important to ask your health care provider before use, since not all herbal and supplements work the same for everyone.

I had been suffering for over a year with recurrent kidney infections and UTIs. I went to several doctors and they could not find the cause and kept insisting that I wasnt drinking enough water(even though I was drinking more than enough. After a year of research and help from a herbalist, i can now say I am pain free No more kidney infections!

I drink the following teas to support my Kidneys:
Dandelion root and Rinosan Tea daily

With the following Supplements:
Cranberry veggie caps
Magnesium 100 mg 3X a day(great for breaking calcium deposits that collect in the kidneys because of caffeine & protein intake AKA kidney stones)
Potassium 3X a week this dosage varies on the person
Multi vitamin

Drink lots of water, avoid sugars use honey instead,and try to eat less meat or chicken, go organic, and if you can go vegetarian!

I hope this helps, first week of taken this I expelled four kidney stones, none which appeared in my 3 ct scans that had been made.

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Hello I read your post, was wondering... Do you have any information about dandelion root for uti?

meat eater

You are one stupid fuck if you think going vegetarian is going to help with anything.

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