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Tea-tree oil people! Seriously!

I get awful spots on my face, neck, and all down my chest and back. First of all I put straight tea-tree oil (strong stuff!) on my skin - just a couple of drops was enough to spread all over the affected area. I did that on the morning of two days, and basically my spots ALL cleared. After that I washed once a day with a tea-tree oil foaming wash and that worked really well to keep the problem seriously reduced.

Yup. I'm a little in love with tea-tree oil. <3

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Where can I get some tea tree oil/TTO facewash? This is the fourth time I've heard of it being used for acne, so I'm finally going to try it out!


In a beauty supply store. Like Sally's Beauty supply. Not sure where you are at but we have them in here FL.


Do you need the wash stuff will just using tea oil work ?


Walmart sells pure Tea Tree Oil. Don't recall how much $.


I just bought the pure tea tree oil at walmart, it's like $7 and comes in a little bottle by the vitamins. You can probaby find it for sale online I bet. It's super good stuff, I haven't used it for acne yet but I sure will now! And I didn't know they made tea tree face wash too... I'm definitely going to give that a try! Thanks!


It's good but dries out your skin to the point where it flakes


I just bought the tea tree oil from Wal-Mart for 7 plus dollars and my mom just put it on my back. I am 6 months pregnant, and I believe that the acne thats on my back is hormonal and due to Me not drinking water. I pray this is safe for the baby, cause the smell is strong and very soothing to me. I had my mom wipe my back and upper arms with alcohol to get rid of excess dirt and to open my pores, and then dab the tea tree oil with cotton balls right after. My back feels so nice :)

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