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As a Boyscout, I know you should never put butter, toothpaste, or creams on a burn because that holds the heat in. You should not pop the blisters if they form, either because the wound can get infected. just run the burn under cold water and put on a bandage. for severe burns, in cases where clothes are melted to the skin, do not remove as it may tear skin. Seek medical attention.

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that is so dumb


it's not dumb it's just un-helpfull and is irrelevant to 'home remedies'


I think it's helpful, this person is telling you what not to do when you get a burn and that's great! They also give you a remedy, so if you can't understand that maybe you're the dummy!


Dumb? This is the only good advice for a burn on here.


Im not going to the docter becuz i have a little burn on my finger. I agree that even tho this is good advise its irrelavent to ' home remidies'

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