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Canker sores can be cured quickly by putting a bit of salt directly on the sore. It burns, so if you're a wimp, you can use mouthwash regularly or swish out your mouth with warm, salty water

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I get canker sores pretty often, I have them right now and eventually i get mad and start putting salt directly on it causes allll kinds of pain. It doesn't help anymore than swishing salt water. I still have them and i have repeatedly been putting salt directly on it. Id say ive had my canker sores roughly a month, some go away and a new one pops up. wtf do i do

Sun Lilly

Canker sores go away by themselves between 7-10 days. If u r getting them all the time, first make sure they r canker sores not something else. Keeping ur mouth clean by brushing at least twice a day will help avoid getting them. Hard foods that can scrap/cut the inside of ur mouth should b avoided.

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