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Hi my name is Kelly I am from Indiana... First of all the past couple years have been really bad for Fleas... I noticed everytime I bathed my Dogs in the medicated Flea & Tick killer Shampoos it was making my Dogs act like they didnt feel good for a day or so... so I had ran out of Flea & Tick shampoo and I picked up the Johnsons Lavender bathtime wash for my Grandaughters and thought it could be used on a baby then why not a Dog.... so I tried it... IT WAS GREAT.... not only to kill the Fleas but also as a Deoderizer... and You can use it as much as 2 times a week for relief of the fleas... Now after a Bath... My Dogs run rapid thru the house ... I have also been in touch w/ Johnsons & Johnsons to let them know of my findings and to help us Pet Lovers find a solution to the Flea Problems... I also tried a heavy conditioner to help the dead fleas slide right off for dogs that have longer hair... Hope It helps you... Enjoy

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Amber Kent

I am going to give this a try-sounds alot easier that boiling lavender! thanks


Thank you Kelly for sharing this. I just moved into a home that has a lot of deer. With deer comes fleas. My poor little Boston has never had fleas and I found one on her today. I just happen to have J&J Lavender Bedtime wash on hand and she will have a nice bath in the AM. I am so anti-drug and was quite concerned about putting anything toxic on her. Plus she sleeps with me so thank you again from Colorado!


im going to pick up some J&J shampoo tomorrow. I really hope it does the trick. I have 3 cats and a dog. the cats have never had baths, so it should be interesting. ive tried flea collars, sprays (for animals and carpets) powders for rugs, i vacuum every day and have steamed cleaned everything and nothing has worked. and living in an apt building with 8 units, where everyone has cats and dogs.. i feel like when i think im close to getting rid of them.. they come in from the other apts. my poor babies are covered.. and now im finding the fleas on me.


can you plz tell me what kind of conditioner you use thank you


No conditioner to use, but I'll second the J&J Lavender for babies! It works great on my little yorkie-poo, and fur is SOOO soft after. Highly recommended. Also, he turns into a jet-engine powered puppy after his bath so apparently it makes him happy too.


Woah, did that lady say she lives with deer?! That's awesome...

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