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I've had HSV 2 for nearly 20 years- given to me as a 'gift' from my second partner. I was devastated and isolated and my world completely fell apart. It affects your self-esteem & confidence.
I'm happy to say that I have never once used a pharmaceutical drug/med to deal with an outbreak, & I'm happy also that the outbreaks came in the first year, and fortunately disappeared each year til now.. So no outbreaks for 18 years, until now, as I over-dosed on argenine(nuts).
Stress contributes too.
I eventually married a partner who loved me for me and never contracted HSV 2- amazing!
Initially, I would use salt baths & calamine lotion. Really cleansing & soothing.
Now, whilst enduring this outbreak... I'd actually forgotten I actually had HSV (by the way- I've never been diagnosed but it's pretty damn obvious!).. So this week I've used coconut oil... Amazing relief. Melted on to hands and smothered over the area. Also, Celtic sea salt diluted in warm water, applied with make-up pad.
I take Lyseine , Zinc, garlic.
I am considering using hydrogen peroxide so am researching it.
Thanks for sharing your remedies & I pray for calm & peace for all HSV sufferers.

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can u tell me about the coconut u use organic unrefine cold press. I purchased it (expensive 14.99)just apply it? do u mix it wit something else? Thanks

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