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put cello tape on your breast and it would be fine
HUSBANDS!!!!!!do SEXXXXX with your wives and they will be fine after a few days!!!!

please do that if you are having any breast feeding promblemsssss!!!

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i tried that before!!!!!!!!!!thatssss gooooooooooood!!!!!!!


Dear ladies,

The following (suggested by my hubby and regularly practiced by me)does great magic in increasing the breastmilk supply:
i) Wear correct size bra with the nipples completely exposed when you are at home
ii) Take a few fenugreek seeds(about 20-30 depending on your aerola dia), crush them to a powder, mix few drops of fresh breast milk to form a paste. Apply them generously on the nipples and aerolas to cover them completely, leave for around 15 minutes. Repeat this twice everyday for about two weeks and see for yourself - your breasts will be always full of milk !
iii) You must willingly have your breasts massaged by your hubby; it does wonderful things that you have to try and experience yourself
iv)At time when you are not feeding your baby, try to suckle your hubby; this is one of the best and most effective milk simulating technique (though a bit erotic) that will keep your breasts healthy and the milk flowing as long as you desire. I am continuing this even after my third child and I still have lots of milk; of course my hubby is the benefactor

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