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Three parts terpentine and one part olive oil. Mix well, apply to the OUTSIDE of the throat. Place a kleenex on top and go to bed. In the morning there will be a dramatic difference in your sore throat

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Why are you trying to kill people


Terpentine is not safe to leave on your skin for any duration of time - IT'S PAINT THINNER!


definately do not light a match!!!!!!!!


Turpentine mixed with animal fat and place on cloth and loosely place around neck while sleeping will help breathing and sore throat. I'm living proof you don't die. (vick's has turpentine you idots)


Remember it's turpentine oil that you use with the animal fat for the cloth around the neck.


They sell it at the pharmacy so I don't think that its going to kill anyone. My grandmother used to soak a string in the oil and tie it around my neck at night. Helped! Stop being so cruel to people on here.


the trick is not to drink it. vick's, different balms and salves have camphor, menthol, turpentine, and the like. it's sold in the pharmacy right beside clove oil (for mouth problems). just keep it outside of your body.

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