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Three parts terpentine and one part olive oil. Mix well, apply to the OUTSIDE of the throat. Place a kleenex on top and go to bed. In the morning there will be a dramatic difference in your sore throat

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i bet you would feel a dramatic change


terpentine? wouldnt that kill you? You cant inhale that stuff for that long


DON'T DO THIS!!! You will die! Turpentine is a poison and very toxic if inhaled, it can also be corrosive if exposed to bare skin for too long.

Just so this post isn't useless: Rub a generous dollop of Mentholatum (or something similar) onto your throat. Then take a clean sock (one long enough to wrap comfortably around your throat without choking you) and pin it loosely with a safety pin. Make sure the sock covers the Mentholatum-covered affected area of your throat. This is slightly annoyingly uncomfortable, but it works to relieve sore throat pain.


To the smarty that suggested turpentine. First off you can spell, next why dont you try it ans see if you dont go to h*ll


What a stupid suggestion, DON'T do this.


Use turpentine?!? Why not instead do something half-way normal such as eating some ice cream (or anything icy and cold), taking some robitussin, or having some tea? (even taking a nap works wonders). I mean, come on people, it's only a sore throat--we all get these things once or twice a year, and at the very worst, only last us a few days. Wait it out. Don't risk swallowing a poison because of a sore throat, which happens to be one of the silliest things I've ever heard!Hmmm...what will be more painful?...dealing with a sore throat or getting your stomach pumped?


my only question is how do people come up with stupid ideas like this.


why? it would kill you


Please do not give out advise to people that uses deadly ingredients when not used properly. It could cost someone's life!!


Wow that sounds like a really stupid idea! I would rather just have a sore throat than breathe in the toxic fumes from the turpentine. How in the world did you come up with that stupid of an idea?

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