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luna lauren

Well I wash my face with a drop of shampoo mixed with maize meal (good exfoliant) then rinse off with warm water, I then use a q tip to appy lemon juice directly on the affected area and rub toothpaste on top. Leave for an hour or more then rinse again with warm water. Do not sleep with it on.

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your an idiot bout shampoo like are you dumb bro ....?


actually tooth paste does zero to your skin i read it in a proactiv top secret acne book..sorry but it seems like you have to learn your stuff


sorry but proactiv is trying to make money and is not about to give any praise to something that has been tried and true like toothpaste. its the same reason everyone thinks that they don't get enough protein without meat: businesses that sponsor information distribution.

Z in Phx, AZ

toothpaste is one of the oldest remedies for acne. i tried this and it worked! the lemon juice is effective as well, and the maize; amazing for exfoliating and taking all that dead skin off.

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