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I suffered with severe anxiety and panic about 15 years ago and pretty much felt like I had it under control -still had panic attacks in certain places or situations but learned to deal with them. The anxiety and panic have started up again and not really sure what triggered it. Experiencing agoraphobia now as well with some places.I think it is bothering me so much because I am angry it came back! I am working through this again and trying to be patient - here is a website that has some free advice from a doctor - - amazing advice and has helped me a lot. Also journaling everyday is helpful - put your feelings in writing. It's also just a comfort to read through some of these other posts and know that I am not alone. Thank you

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Oh my goodness yes! The same thing is happening to me and I don't know what triggered it and I'm angry that it came back because I was doing so well. You hit the nail on the head. Thank you so much it helps me tremendously to know I'm not alone.


same here! I suffered this nearly 10 years ago and for no reason known to me it has returned. It was helpful hearing that the frustration of this is not isolated to me. I can't wait for normalcy to return.


It's spring. Pesticides and insecticides are known to interfere with serotonin, dopamine, etc... I know that I react badly to herbicides and weed and feeds, especially so in the last couple of years (probably something new on the market). Full blown panic attacks. Whether it's the neurochemicals or hormones causing the panic attacks themselves though I don't know, since I get really bad breast cysts, too...I know for a fact that they're affecting me hormonally.

All interconnected. Perfumes can be triggers for me to, and Febreze (other air fresheners and candles sometimes, too) will cause full blown rage and crying episodes.

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