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Two things I've tried that have NOT worked: 1. electrocautery surgery caused horrible, blackened flesh that became open sores as the flesh fell off. Didn't affect some of the warts and where I thought it HAD worked, the warts actually grew back in greater number. 2. acid didn't work at all the first few times (that's why they tried the electrocautery). They tried it again AFTER electrocautery, and I thought it had worked on a few spots, but they just grew back.

I'm trying Aldara now. Thank goodness no open wounds, but I don't see any change in the current warts and I'm getting more. I've only been on it for 2 weeks. This is August. I discovered the warts in June. It's my first (and hopefully only) outbreak. I guess they haven't stopped emerging yet.

I'm also taking Astragulus, Vitamin B-complex, vitamin c, l-lysine, and several others, hoping to boost my immune system. But STRESS trumps all that, so I need to get my stress under control.

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