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i've been trying the acv method for 4 days-ish. though the pain subsided on the 3rd night, the white ring around my wart is very hard and only a small center is blackish brown. its on the sole of my foot, just under my toes so it hurts alot when i walk.. the crater isn't painful, just the skin around it. it's so dry and hard that pressure on it is very painful. i'm wondering whether i should grit my teeth and just clip the white part away.. or just continue with it for a week plus before doing anything.

but i can vouch that the acv is doing something! better than any otc counter/med i've tried and i've had this thing for 10 yrs

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Hi, i'm in my 4th night too of the Acv treatment, i also have the white crater surrounding the wart. Yesterday it felt really painful to walk and realised it was the white crater hurting so i just clipped off that part after a shower. So much better, not much pain at all now and ok to walk. Good luck with your treatment, i've got my fingers crossed as i've had this thing for years!


also had this thing for quite some time and using ACV treatment this 4th day, pain is sometimes unbearable, though its really great to notice a BIG difference!hoping for the best

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