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Cheese. But it does not help (much) once you have pain. If you eat cheese after eating something sugary or acidic you won't get pain from them. I believe it's the calcium neutralizing the acid. I think mozzarella is best; other cheeses are more acidic for flavor, defeating the purpose. It works no matter how bad your teeth are.

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hey the mozza worked like a charm after taking one 500mg Tylenol knock off and like five 500mg Excedrin swishing a cup full of room temp water i ate the mozzarella cheese chewed it on the side where the tooth was aching then i took a slow walk to the store for more Tylenol as i got just about a block away i was amazed the pain is totaly gone and its 1:34 am sat. oct. 1rst 2011 so thanks for the crazy idea i am glad it worked

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