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Jessica from BC

Hi, okay this is what worked for us. We have a small dog and he, my daughter and I were getting eaten alive by fleas. I tried baking soda for the carpets and borax and all that, but it didn't work. This is what worked. We live in BC Canada, so I had to cross the border to buy these, it's called, Ecosmart ORGANIC insect killer for lawns and landscapes (home depot) and Ortho MAX tree and shrub insect control (Walmart). I think in total it was like 25 dollars. I gave my dog a bath and placed about 1 mL (1/2 water 1/2 ortho mixed by me) on the base of his neck, close to the head just as you would with Bayer advantage (same ingredients). So for the entire house, I sprayed the ORGANIC stuff, full strength Make sure you wash the dog and treat him first, then same day, spray the house and leave all day. When we got home, it was awesome, we aired out the house and there were no more fleas. The Ecosmart is safe for dogs and kids as you will read on the label. Just be sure you leave after spraying, it has a strong smell that will start fading after awhile. Even better, spray before you go on a trip. This worked so well for us, I HAD to share it!!

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Um, this seems like it should be completely unnecessary, but DO NOT USE INSECTICIDES DESIGNED FOR OUTDOOR USE ON YOUR PETS. These chemicals can be oto and vestibulotoxic (harm your hearing and balance), teratogenic (harm your offspring or your children's offspring), carcinogenic (cause cancer), and simply fatal. And that's not even mentioning the potential effects on your pet...I'm warning you purely about what you may be doing to yourself and your family.

A lot of pesticides are labeled for outdoor use only, or for outdoor use >500 yards from human habitation, because they're known to be highly toxic. Many have never been thoroughly evaluated. In the US, standards are phenomenally lax for labeling; if you had to cross the Canadian/US border to get this stuff, you should probably assume it's not safe. There may be residue on your pet, in your house, and anywhere your pet has been for weeks or months after treatment...and if you're putting it on your dog's head and shoulders, you're probably putting your hand on it when you pet it. And hands go to faces, and other hands, and food...


Did you spray floors, furniture and beds with the Ecosmart???


Wow, can you say stupid!! Why would you put outside chemicals on your dog. You shouldn't own pets or kids for that matter


I am not the type to comment,as I came here to get ideas on what to do, but I had to stop everything and say that everything you did sounds really, really unsafe.

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