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When you get a headache, apply pressure to the pressure point where the bones of your thumb and index finger connect. Its easy to find.. Press hard for as along as you can, and as you do, you will notice the headache fade away.. This almost always works for me and whoever else i tell. I actually read this in a magazine for campers, cause when your camping, you dont always have pain releving drugs.

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This is actually an acupuncture point that was recommended to me by an acupuncturist. This technique works great. Just hold your thumb and forefinger together and find the lump of flesh that forms between the two fingers at the base of the thumb. The highest point on that lump of flesh is the precise pressure point.


I tried this just now, and it worked - my headache is gone. amazing.


I just tried it, and it worked very well.


This works for the headaches that are in the front of the head no where else. The reason being that you are applying pressure to your sinuses.


Doesn't always work for my worst headaches, but defnitely helps!


This always works!my husband has bad headaches and he always wants me to do it.The nerves are connected to the brain,but it takes a little patience for it to work.


It isn't just for head aches in the front of your head, I get alot of headaches in the back of my head and it help them alot, I feel like a knot in the back of my neck that hurts when I put presure on it and eventually it takes away the headache. A good thing to do is get a sock and put 2 - 3 tennis balls in it and laydown what ever is confortable and massage then tennis balls in the sock up and down your neck.


Do you apply pressure to your right or left hand?

A Royal Diadem

This is so Awesome. I got to thank God first for making our bodies so unique that it heals itself naturally, and second the person who discovered this from whatever they went thru that day! This truly does work!!!


It got rid of my headache for like 10 seconds! If you knew me, you'd know that is a big improvement hehe

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