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3 summers ago my daughters came back from their cousins house itching like crazy i checked there hair and they were full off all stages of lice it was horrible so i first combed their hair out with rid vantage lice comb throughly after i sprayed hot shot roach spray all over hair but do it carefully pbecause if it gets in eyes it will blind. Spray everywhere cover with grocerie bag it might burn but works good leave in for 12-24 hours after the hours you chose wash out with dawn dish soap next put listerine in hair for 2 hours cover in grocery bag and wash out with dawn as well comb hair throughly next use wessel vegetable oil cover with grocery bag leave for 4 hours wash out with regular shampoo and i am sure your kids will never get lice again my daughters are now in middle school and never got it back

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Roach spray? 12-24hrs are you not thinking correctly?


I am surprised you didn't have to call poison control (roach spray) really???


Someone should call social services on you.You should not put roach spray on a person


What the hell is wrong with you! Are you trying to kill your kids? dumba--


u must be out of your mind..i suggest u remove your entry or mindless parents like you might want to try taking your advice!!!

Common Sense

You are an absolute idiot. Someone needs to call Social Services and your kids should be taken away from you - jeeze! Roach Spray?! 12-24 hours?! I can't believe some people have kids! :(


Roach spray???? For up to 24hrs????
Listerine afterwards????
WTF!!!!!!!?????I really hope this is a joke.


Did these poor girls have any hair left after all the torture? This is a gestapo routine....



pissed off mom

R u fkn retarded??? How can u do that to ur child?! no matter what age they r. Sumone should call Cps on u. What other things r u putting ur kids thru?? If u were so proud to do this nd post..i wonder what u would behind closed doors nd this entry should be removed immediately...before sum other clueless parent or young embarrassed child takes ur advice!!!!

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