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bob lien

Well I'm back with a report. This is about day 9 since my first itchies and believe it or not, the oak is nearly cleared up. This is by far the shortest time period that I have ever suffered with the oak (see previous posts). To be honest, along with the heat gun, mega C, and rubbing alcohol, I have been drinking a mild herbal tea made from the fresh chaparral bushes that grow on my desert acres. (Some folks might raise their eyebrows at this). All I can say is that my skin is nearly clear and itch free. Voila!

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You're not supposed to apply heat to the area(s). The only thing I'd say that helped you was the rubbing alcohol.

bob lien

well, maybe you are not SUPPOSED to use heat, but based on my 46 years of experience.......heat actually works! it brings out the histamine response and allows some respite from the burning/stinging/itching. no doctor or clinic prescriptions have ever had any effect for improvement, i said, my latest bout was cut from six weeks to 10 days. no doubt, individuals react in different ways. :)

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