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Back in 2010, i was post-pregnancy and had my 6 week check-up, i was told after my pap-smear that i had hpv. I was shocked, but had no symptoms of warts, and was told they may never appear. So, i continued on with life. Well in June of this year (2011), i noticed that i had infact, warts, flat to my skin almost like my skin was a different texture, but not raised and growth like, all outside my vagina, then i noticed that i had also had some on the walls inside my vagina, they were different almost like fleshy skin growths, nothing like a wart. I tried everything from acv ( which was VERY painful) to tto. It seemed to either spread or grow larger!! because i am a women and i had a wide spread area it was hard to get rid of by just soaking it with something. Although i do still recommend both but more so for men. After almost breaking down with complete hopelessness, i continued my research and decided vitamins were my last hope before calling my ob-gyn. When i was pregnant i had hpv and never had any warts appear. Why? because i was on vitamins. I also had takin some herbal weight loss pills after my pregnancy to get rid of my last 15 pds or so, a month after i stopped taking them the warts appeared, so they started when i stopped taking any supplements. I one by one started my vitamins, lysine- didnt do much multi-vitamin-didnt do much, i then started enchinacea/goldenseal complex, a week later i started taking 5-6 odorless garlic pills a day. Which u can also break open and apply as an added extra. After abt a few days on the garlic, there was no irritation 'down there' so i thought ok the garlic pills are actually working. Now i have almost completely healed up, from the inside to the out its slowly dissappearing. Its been about 2 weeks. Garlic is definantly a miracle worker!! Although since then i also started taking b complex and folic acid. I am not only happy to have them almost completely gone but now i am confident that i can stop this problem from ever happening again! And its definantly improved my stress level which can also have an effect on your immune system. Goodluck to anyone struggling, dont let it control you. This disease is VERY common,and after opening up to a sibling, they told me they had also struggled with this! So, dont beat yourself up and get some garlic!

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update us on how your doing? i think i want to do this one.

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