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i have had eczema for about 2 months and a half. i am so frustrated i literally cry myself to sleep evry night. i am sooo imbaressed to go out anywhere because its in my both hands. i had red online that apple cider soaking was good i did it tonight and it immediately releived me from the itching hopefully it can make it dissapear. i am so deppressed

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I have to say thanks -I ate some yogurt-plain Greek- then applied some to my eczema on my palms- under my thumbs is where I have it and the bottom of my feet- immediate relief-- it applies like a cream and dries nicely ..leaving a cool calming feeling to the inflamed area..all I can say is I'm going to keep this up and see if it goes away fingers crossed as eczema is so painful..


i would like to say this to everyone..i've had exzema since i was a baby, i am now 20. it has never fully gone away. i get it on my chest, stomach and inner legs. one thing i've found helps is fish oil supplemets. also, switch to all natural products, chemicals only make the problem worse.

and be thankful your condition is not worse. don't be embarrassed it's really not that big of a deal. trust me, i used to think it was until i became very ill. my disease caused my skin to become thin and stop healing. the skin on my face started looking worse and worse. i have scars head to toe now. my disease also caused me to swell so i have stretch marks all over my body. also my hair is so thin and it is very embarrassing, i can no longer do much to it.

all of these problems have made me see that i was a beautiful girl i just didn't see it. i totally blame society for my low self esteem. BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE, STAY POSITIVE because you are BEAUTIFUL. noone is perfect and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

you will not be young forever and the older you get the more problems you encounter so please try to be thankful for what you have and what you look like. things really could be worse.

and its ok to want to heal but becoming depressed over it will not heal you. take baby steps to work tward a reasonable goal and if anyone ever says anything to you about your exzema, tell them to fuck off. i'm sure they are not perfect either.


My wife has eczema and I have to put cream on her all the time until she falls asleep because it hurts and bothers her so much.
I have no idea what it's like to itch constantly day in and day out, but I think everyone should be grateful for those they have around them that try to comfort and help them and know that you are beautiful. I have to remind my wife all the time that she is the amazing the way God made her and we all have a thorn or two in our lives that we have to sometimes endure.
All the comments on here are wonderful. Lot's of great remedies. Keep your head up!


I have eczema for 15 years now meaning since I was born. From this site I wrote all the remedies I could. Believe it or not I have eczema all over my body and for some reason its been getting worse since two months. It got so bad that my face was swollen for a week or two and I couldn't talk. One day I got so frustrated that i cried so much but my mom told me of what a brave girl i am she made me feel better and i know how parents feel because my mom is always so worried about me. I want my eczema to go away and i have tried so many things and went to different doctors after doctors. so now i just want it to end and i know everything happens for a reason and God gives hardship to test the people he loves because he knows they could take it in. so i told my mom to buy apple cider vinegar for me so she did and today i rubbed some on my neck, hands, and arms but i was wondering if i could apply it to my face because my face is the worst part right now. if i can't apply it to my face then what can i apply to my face for the itching and dryness.


You can apply Apple Cider Vinegar to your face. People with sensitive skin my choose to dilute it or put it on with a cotton ball and rinse after 5 to 10 minutes. Apple Cider is excellent on various symptoms not just eczema. Drink two tablespoons mixed with juice or water or just drink it straight. The smell is not the best but the results definitely are! Best Wishes!


Thanks! so you said drink the apple cider vinegar with juice or water?? because I heard drinking apple cider vinegar helps to loose weight?? I don't mind just hope it helps both :)

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