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Nothing worked for years and years. Prescriptions and antibiotics helped but did not cure. Most soaps and over the counter stuff made it worse.

Here is what worked for me:

1. I cut back on sugar. Stopped drinking soda pop, white flour desserts, etc.
2. Cut back (way back) on anything made with wheat.
3. Started taking 6000 iu Vitamin D3 softgels a day...every day.
4. Very gently washed my face with Trader Joes Environne Fruit & Vegetable wash. (Yes, you read that right)
5. Used moisturizer over my eye area only.
6. Stopped all other acne products.

Results within one month and still several years later I no longer get those painful acne cysts on my chin and forhead. Not ever. My skin is clear. If I start eating a lot of bread again, I notice a few pimples begin to appear and it reminds me to stop eating wheat.

I am very happy with this protocol and I absolutly love Trader Joes Fruit and Vegetable wash as it is simply plant oil, berry extract, grapeseed, orange and lemon extract.

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Ok so my chin n forehead is the worst place i get blemishes:( ur telling me that the trader joes body wash thing will work!!Im going to try it n post another comment if it does or doesnt work;)thank you!!!

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