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First of all, my heart goes out to all of anyone with multiple chigger bites. I cannot imagine the agony you have suffered. The most I've had at one time is 5 or 6 bites and that was horrible and painful enough.

Here is the remedys I've tried and the results:

*Absolutly wash and heat dry clothes.
*Absolutly hot shower or bath and scrub well with soap.

1. Dabbed on Caladryl lotion: helped a little but only for a half hour or so.

2. Alcohol: stung but not much help for pain and itching.

3. H2o2 (hydrogen peroxide): no help

4. Cortisone cream: helped a little for a short time.

5. Bleach: helped a little for short time.

6. Mixed Caladryl lotion, baking soda and hemorrhoid ointment into paste, covered the bite and put a bandaid over it...worked GREAT! Took half an hour for the itch to completely stop. Slept all night and reapplied again in the moring. This remedy worked for me.

7. Was in a hurry so just dabbed a big glob of Tom's no floride peppermint toothpaste on bites and covered with bandaid....took 45 minutes then felt the tingle and it STOPPED THE ITCH.
So this worked very well too.

I hate those damn chiggers and feel so sorry for the poor dogs that must get bit on their tender tummies and underarms ( underlegs?) Ouch!

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i was doing some work at my hunting property 2 days ago. i decided to wear some running shoes instead of boots for the comfort and the heat. worst mistake i have made in 17 years of life. i just counted over 60 chigger bites on just my right leg...


Matt....ouch! Sorry to hear that!!!

Mike F

If found if you scractch the bites until they bleed, spray the open wounds with carberator cleaner and cover it with portland cement. That with get rid of it.


Awww Mike F, you mechanics are really something! I sure do appreciate a good sense of humor in times of misery and discomfort, such as being in the midst of deep intense itching of a chigger bite reaction.

But...just in case you are seriously recommending a long passed down auto garage remedy for chigger bites, I have disclose the dangers of skin contact with portland cement.

Hmmm...ok sure portland cement will most likely take the itch out of chigger bites...thats the good news.

The bad news is that cement actually kills skin cells by sucking all moisture from your living cells. Wet portland cement can cause caustic burns, sometimes referred to as cement burns. Cement burns may result in blisters, dead or hardened skin, or black or green skin. In severe cases, these burns may extend to the bone and cause disfiguring scars or disability.

Knowing how dangerous cement burns are, I hope you will not take offense if I say that I cannot recommend portland cement as a remedy for chigger bites!

Sidewalk cracks yes...bug

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