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okayy guys soo i use to weight 162 Lb i was really overweight and i was desperate because i would try some of my old cloth on and it was depressing noticing the cloth not looking good on me and i could see all the jelly roles and the fattness surrounding me soo i felt sso frustrated with my body that what i did was drink Herbaalife Tea in the morning and in the afternoon eat but i would not weat bread and at nights i would dring a Herbalife tea and a milkshake <--herbalife milkshake lol,and i lost around 25 in one month it's amazing because iv been doing that the past 3 years and my weight right now is 130 !:) i am really haappy of how i look youll should tr it it really worrkss!

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i tried it and it didnt work and besides its to expensive


This isn't a homemade solution to weight loss. I also agree that the cost for these products is a little to expensive.


Ive tried it I actually lost weight but it got too expensive and if you stop using it you gain all the weight back. So I wouldn't recommend Herbalife.


My mom used that and lost 60 pounds but she did that for like 10 years then got a gall bleater problem and couldn't eat like anything pretty much only chicken and apples so it a good way just don't do it for to long :)

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